When hiking im known as the hobbit when im not hiking im Nate Rubio.

Monday, March 28, 2011


wow never thought I would love hiking this much!

Its amazing and the rewards for me are awesome!
Hawaii is beautiful!

Here are some photos of my hikes......

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well I ended up not doing the great aloha run at all.. GREAT! Burnt out i guess..

These past few weeks i've been surfing as much as i can.. Got a few really good days out at OTW and some fun little days at half point.... And somehow i managed to get a few days here and there short boarding the famous kaisers bowls!

As for hiking I hiked a few cool new places with Kaleo Lancaster "islandtrails".. check out his website! http://kaleolancaster.blogspot.com/

Here are photos and videos of what ive been up to in the last few weeks.. enjoy!


Oreo And I

Rocky and JC enjoying Keiki shorebreak!

Mariana and I enjoying the beautiful views that Hawaii has to offer.


Looking over the westside..

Kaleo Lancaster cruising zones... check out his blog!

Kaleo and I

Mariana Pano

Narrow ridge on the westside.. photo: Island Trails..

Some how made it into an online bodyboarding mag! Surgebodyboarding.com check it out!