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Thursday, January 14, 2010


HAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.... so we arrived back home to hawaii safely... 48 hours later!!! I think mariana and i had the worst jetlag possible plus STOMACH FLU..... first off hawaii is beautiful and warm and we love it!! well not much been going on besides school, surfing everyday and the both of us amping on the movie AVATAR!!!!! Here are a few photos from the past week.. enjoy!! ohh tommrow AVATAR imax 3D!!

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travelingcircus said...

o o o i want to move back to hawaii, and surf some sickkkkkkkkkk waves with you brother! yes avatar was good, saw it in 3d imax too, not bad for 13 bucks bra. when u finish school"?? real life soon, it sucks working full time. ok see u soon hopefully. when you guys coming to oz?