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Monday, January 24, 2011

Two weeks later....

These past two weeks been very busy...
It went something like this:
Surf, Oreo, work, Oreo, surf, work, Oreo, work, crazy hike, Big Island, surf, Oreo...

Our new dog Oreo is amazing.. Except when he takes a shit on the puppy pad and then steps in his shit and walks around the whole house leaving us a trail of poop to clean up!! Other than that he is an awesome installment to Mariana and I! Now we have a Family!

This past weekend I decided to risk my life one more time with a few friends to do a hike called True Manamana! This was my second time and it was for sure just as scary as the first time I did it! Weather was good and no one got hurt.. Thats a plus..

In the next few months Ill be doing more hikes like these.. Possibly more challenging! Should be exciting!

Enjoy the photos and the Video..

Nate Rubio
The Narrowness is no joke on Manamana!

Kaleo Lancaster debating his next move..

My perspective of what veiws surround me during this hike!

At the summit of True Manamana now we must go back the same way!

A big rope section!

Taking it all in on top True Manamana for my second time!

Big Island Gem

On Top Rainbow falls!

My crazy cousin Chad Wissing getting nuts with a massive gainer!

Me,Chad,JC group jump!

On top Mauna Kea with Mauna Loa behind us..

Enjoying some snow!

Oreo and I

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